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Re: [MOL] Need to hear from some Molers!

Dear Lil,
My husband, sister and I just returned from the Oasis
and CHIPSA in Tijuana where I had consultations with
the doctors, toured the facilities and spoke to the patients. 
The doctors were very generous with their time and although
they said that my father's cancer is not curable it is possible
that they may be able to prolong his life and give him
back his strength so that he can resume his life again.
We brought the information back to my parents and they are
very excited about trying the Oasis.  CHIPSA is the Gerson
and Issels treatments which may be too tough for an alternative
health rookie like my dad.  The Oasis treatment is less demanding
(only 6 enemas a week as opposed to CHIPSA's 6 enemas per day).
As Dad has 4 more radiation treatments left, he will have to wait
until next Thursday to begin treatments at the Oasis.  I pray that
he will get his strength and zest for life again.
How are you, Lil?  Has anyone heard from Marty?  I am praying for
all of you.
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Wendy, Gwen, Tami, Diana, ;etc. missing you, want to know how you are doing and that we are praying for all of you.  Love ya, lillian