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Re: [MOL] wait till you burn

Hi Debby,
Yes they gave my Hubby two kinds of cream the very first time that he said he 
feet itchy and burning, a cream for each one.  I would call him and tell him 
that you want something now and I mean now, he is not taking very good care 
of you and I would complain to the head of the hospital too.  Your the boss 
her and you need to take control, he wouldn't get paid without patients, 
right, doesn't matter where the money is coming from he has to have the 
patients, so you are the one he is getting paid for, and if you have to tell 
him that do it.  Kick butt girl, don't take this kind of treatment from any 
Doctor.  God Bless you, and the best of Luck.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

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<< ubj:	 [MOL] wait till you burn
 Date:	5/6/99 3:36:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (deb grodin)
 If anyone can answer this I would really appreciate it: saw radiation
 onc. today after 24th treatment. Complained that under arm is sore,
 itching, and has a burning feeling to it. He said to wait and see if
 skin splits and then he will give me something for it that they use for
 burns. Isn't there some sort of cream that I could put on now, before it
 splits, to prevent it from happening?
 Thank you
 Debby >>
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