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Re: [MOL] vent SOS Debby,,,,,

Hi Deb,
Here is the address for you to sign up on MOL Angel e-mail Forum;
Just follow the instructions, sometimes they are down but just keep trying.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

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 Dear Deb:  My radiation doctor didn't say much to me, either -- in fact, I
 rarely saw him at all -- maybe for five minutes or so every month.  My
 primary oncologist was the doctor I really communicated with, and she was
 wonderful.  They should be able to give you something for the itch.  The
 skin on my back still itches -- and it's been a year now since radiation!
 Naturally, it's in a spot I can't reach, so I bought a back scratcher and
 keep it by my bed.  Now that the husband is gone (this is okay with me) I
 have to scratch my own back.  I can identify with the hair thing.  Every
 hair on my entire body fell out -- eyelashes, eyebrows, head -- you name it.
 Didn't have to shave my legs for a long time, though.  That was cool.  I
 have hair now, though, and it's wonderful.  Very dark and thick and almost
 no gray!  I take Paxil, which is similar to Prozac.  I wouldn't be without
 it now.  It's helped enormously.  My doctor also gave me Ativan for the
 anxiety.  It worked well, too, and can be taken in conjunction with an
 antidepressant.  You might want to look into that.  I don't take it now, but
 I was grateful for it at the time.  Hope this helps some.  It sounds like
 you're really going through a bad time.  You'll get lots of help here.  Your
 friend, Kathy 
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 Dear Kathy in Boise,
 My radiologist has not seen me in weeks, going to demand to be seen
 today by one of the doctors on duty. My arm pit is so itchy!!!!! Hair
 under arm fell out, that was a big suprise as no one told me.
 As far as depression goes my primary gave me a script for prozac, filled
 it but haven't decided to take it yet. Will make that decision between
 now and Monday. Some of my friends have mentioned that I seem down,
 husband has certainly mentioned it, (our only problem is this damn
 cancer), but no one at radiologists office has said anything and they
 see me daily. When I first started going there I smiled and joked with
 them, now I act so mean =- get me in and out. Guess I do need something
 just not sure its prozac. Used to be this up and full of energy
 Debby in New Jersey
 > wrote:
 > Dear Debby:  This is Kathy Corrigan in Boise.  You sound very down,
 > and I'm awfully sorry.  I do know how you feel, though, but I hate to
 > see anyone feeling so bad.  I've gone through it all, too -- the
 > horrible chemo and the nasty radiation.  I'm a lung cancer survivor --
 > sclc, dx 12/09/77.  Please think about taking an antidepressant.  I
 > did, and still do.  My ex-husband (divorce final two weeks ago) was
 > definitely not there for me.  He was out drinking every night.  I got
 > horribly depressed, because I was skinny, bald, and sick, and had this
 > strange appliance implanted in my chest.  My oncologist was very
 > concerned about the depression.  She gave me everything known to man
 > to help me combat it.  My radiation oncologist was a total jerk.  He
 > allowed the radiation to reach the point where it burned and blackened
 > my esophagus.  I had to be hospitalized for two weeks because I
 > couldn't swallow -- therefore, I couldn't eat.  Debby -- the point is,
 > I made it through all this and you can, too.  Today I feel better than
 > I have in years, and I'm so thankful to be alive, I'm practically
 > jumping for joy.  I think people find me rather annoying I'm so
 > cheerful!!  LOL  I didn't think I was going to survive at first, but
 > once I changed my mind and decided to kick this disease in the butt,
 > things started to turn around.  This may not be forever, Debby, but
 > nothing really is.  I'm loving today.  You're going to make it, too.
 > You're young and strong.  Now get up and fight like hell!  Your friend
 > and part of your cheering section -- Kathy Corrigan in Boise.
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 > Thank you for your caring words. I have decided to tell our children
 > as
 > soon as school is finished for the year. I really feel that they
 > already
 > know. If my husband continues to take the path of, " it's really no
 > big
 > deal. When you finish radiation it's over," so be it. To me this is
 > not
 > only a big deal but a very frightening one.
 > The more I research, the clearer it becomes that no two doctors agree
 > on
 > DCIS, including treatment. If you don't mind I have a question: are
 > you
 > taking tamoxifin?
 > I have yet to decide and every time I make up my mind I read something
 > else that changes it.
 > Thank you
 > Debby
 > Christine White wrote:
 > >
 > > Deb,
 > > I see you have had many messages from our wonderful molers so I will
 > add my
 > > two cents worth. Welcome to our group. Here you will find much
 > information,
 > > caring and sharing so vent all you want. Things do get better, I
 > assure
 > > you. I, like you, was diagnosed with dcis 2 1/2 yrs ago at the age
 > of 36.
 > > I underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. My youngest son, who was 5
 > at the
 > > time, was with me in the doctor's office when I received the
 > diagnosis. He
 > > also accompanied me to 1/2 of the radiation treatments as we had to
 > stay in
 > > a different city and I had no one to babysit him during the day. My
 > > children are now 8, 10 and 11. They know everything about my "C"
 > that I
 > > know. The burden is made easier when you share it. At first I didn't
 > tell
 > > anyone about my breast cancer, now I tell everyone. You never know
 > who it
 > > may help. As others have said, there are many good things that come
 > out of
 > > this cancering journey. My wonderful friends on MOL are but one of
 > them. I
 > > will be thinking of you and I hope we can all help you on your
 > journey.
 > > Christine
 > >
 > > At 08:50 PM 30/04/99 -0400, you wrote:
 > > >I am new at this. Just dx with breast cancer, dcis, on 2/2/99.
 > Underwent
 > > >Lumpectomy and have finished 20 out 33 radiation treatments. Now a
 > happy
 > > >camper by any means. Am starting to burn from radiation, and am
 > very de-
 > > >pressed. Finally called pcp today and made appt. for Monday at
 > which
 > > >time he will give me something for "three months or so". If anyone
 > has
 > > >any "up" thoughts I would appreciate them. Not sleeping at night
 > and
 > > >keeping on my boys backs, 10 and 13, is not helping anyone. Really
 > > >stressed out. Aunt died of BC at age of 34, and Mother passed away
 > from
 > > >lung cancer 11 years ago at 53. I got a wonderful 40th early
 > birthday
 > > >present of BC. Sorry to go on venting but it seems like that is all
 > I do
 > > >these days. My day Monday will be fun, 1:30 radiation, 3:00 primary
 > and
 > > >7:30 therapist. Did I forget to mention that my radiation onc. is
 > not
 > > >someone that I like? He is not very caring. Comes into treatment
 > room,
 > > >looks at me and leaves. When I asked the nurse if I was supposed to
 > see
 > > >him that day, she said he already saw you. Gee that's news to me,
 > what
 > > >if I had any questions? Once again I'm sorry for going on. Thank
 > you for
 > > >letting me get this out.

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