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Re: [MOL] Nancy

Hi Sis (Lil), 
We can make the pictures any size that we want, and yes I will have to show 
you when I get there.  No I am not feeling much better, but the Doctor put a 
stop to me doing almost everything, but I can still sit at the puter, not for 
long times at a time though.  My legs get hurting to bad if I sit here to 
long, so I've been getting in some naps too.  Haven't even been doing much 
cooking.  My feet hurt worse since the cordisone shots, so it hurts to stand 
or sit or lay for long periods of time.  I really have to force myself to 
walk, but I will not give up to a wheel chair for sometime, longtime, many 
many moons, etc.  Lil I have to figure out how to link for more memory for 
our MOL Album, there is no more room there for anything.  I am going to take 
out my kids, that will give me somemore room, and maybe take out duplicates, 
or maybe I can just figure it out, I'll see if I can start another site for 
us on Angelfire, I already have two, if not maybe we can put the part two of 
the Album in your name, what would you think of that?  I would need;  your 
e-mail address, screen name, maybe MOL Angels 2, your address, phone number 
and pass word of your choice, about 4 choices incase some ore taken, then I 
can show you how to get into it and you can start watching what I am doing, 
and even play around too, practice. OK?
Let me know as soon as possible.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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