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RE: [MOL] Need to hear from some Molers!

Title: RE: [MOL] Need to hear from some Molers!

Dear Dania:  You don't sound like a complete ass at all.  People get their strength from different places.  It's all good, as long as it works!  Love, Kathy

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hey everyone...sorry i haven't benn on-line as much as i guess i should
be...i just sometimes feel like i'm not the right person to give advice, as
if i don't know enough wordly things to say the right thing.  also, because
i'm agnostic, i don't know how to tell someone that even though i love them
and will be thinking of them in my thoughts and hoping for the best, it's not
the same as someone saying they will be in their prayers - i just don't have
that "connection", if you understand.

i do truly love all of you in here, and i read with joy and sorrow and
compassion each e-mail that comes across my computer screen...i just don't
know how t respond. maybe this wil give me the kick in the butt i needed to
get up and say something, even if it doesn't come out completely right.  i am
blessed to be apart of this group.  my grandmother so wishes she had computer
so she could read and reply everyday...but she is content with my printouts
and updates on not just medical news, but on how people are doing.  i know
she loves all of you too.

i only hope she is as resiliant and strong as you many of you have
shown such courage and determination that it gives me the same to see me
grandmother in a new light, and it also makes me want to fight, instead of
just having pity and consolation.  and she has learned how to fight - she
hates this disease and wants it dead.  and she wasn't like that a few months
ago.  thank you and bless you for that gift.  i promise i will try to be more
active...just give me some time to get enough experience that i don't sound
like a complete ass when i reply to people, ok?

love to all of you,
(and if you want to call me diana, that's fine too, i'll still respond :)  )
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