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RE: [MOL] Kathy/ vent reply

Title: RE: [MOL] Kathy/ vent reply

Hi, Babe:  I wouldn't say exciting -- just extremely pleasant.  My "date" last night with my old friend was very, very nice.  We had an excellent time -- lovely dinner, good wine, nice music, and stimulating conversation.  Downtown Boise is lovely in the spring -- all the trees and the trendy shops and pubs, etc.  Cinco de Mayo brought everyone out and there was live jazz in the park.  It's just that I didn't have anything to really look forward to for such a long time.  Now I do!  It's really good.  Love ya, Kathy

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> I'm loving today.

Kathy, interesting typo ?????  What aren't you telling us????  Your weekends
must be alot more exciting than you let on...  come on, fess up...DETAILS NOW!
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