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[MOL] Barb Auslander Update

Good Morning All,

Been very busy lately and havent had a chance to be in constant contact
with each of you or on mOl, so pls excuse my absence.

First, I believe that Joicy is having or had a birthday. So Happy
Birthday Joicy.

Next, I see that a few friends are back, Emmett, Frank, Liz, and Gwen,
CArla,and others that I seem to forget, so welcome back and so glad to
hear from you.

My Barb is in her fourth day of chemotherapy. It is a daily, five day
cycle of Topotecan and usually she is in the dept for about 1-1/2 hours.
By the time they set up and flush line and pre antinausea, the time
turns into 3 hours. Barb is taking this well. In fact she seems to be
more hyper than usual as a result of the benedryl, zofran and God knows
what else they IV her with. But she is receiving well. Tomorrow will be
final day for this week, then off two weeks then she starts the cycle
once again and this goes on for four cycles and then the many tests to
determine results.

In the meantime, we continue to go along our daily path of wellness
which includes:

Nutritional habits and juicing and eating those foods that contain the
essential anti-oxidants vitamins A,C, E and selenium, etc. In fact in
some case mega doses of vitamin C is ingested during chemo moreso than

Barb is on a treadmill each day for about 1 hour then she does about 60
or so situps and lifts some 5 pound weights for vascular cardio
strengthening. All this during chem as well. She feels guilty if she
doesn't continue. Her inner wisdom is her conscience.

Barb meditates 3 times a day for stress management and utilizes guided
imagery to imagine her disease disappearing.

WE attend bible studies on WEdnesday night and Temple on FRi and church
on Sun besides Barb taking many times during the course of each day,
just to close her eyes and give thanks to God.

For fun she is into quilt making with her new sewing machine and at
night while we watch t.v. she paints by numbers. Great therapy for her
as she uses her hands and mind to keep active and allows her to use
thought process for purpose of playing and living.

Barbs project for the future, besides getting well, is planning a months
trip to Italy in SEptember for which we have monetarily committed. That
brings her great joy. We were suppose to go to Ohio at the end of May
but Barb will be in chemo then. Well some other time, maybe in NOvember.

There is so much to this wellness journey that most of the day is
utilized in the thought and mind and spirit process of positive
emotional progress. God willing that is in her most inner soul and
heart. We have been married over 30 years and yet do I know what is in
her inner most thought process and heart. I guess we all have our
anxieties and thoughts....as long as we stay focused and determined to
beat this......we can and we will. But, in the meantime we thank God for
the quality years that has been provided, close to five years now, for
at the time of diagnosis, that was not a possibility according to the
medical community. So, when we embarked on the path of determination and
will, as we continue to do now, we seek for each day, the wondrous
beauty that God provides and accept the tools He/She has given to us in
order to fulfill our ambitions and goals for a continued beautiful day
and we look to each day forward to continuing good health and continuity
of cancer free days.

I am rambling, but have so much to be thankful for.

God Bless All
marty and Barb auslander
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