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Hi Gwen: Go get a second opinion, if for nothing else but to set your
mind at ease. I am surprised that some lymph nodes were not removed
during the lumpectomy, that would have saved you a surgery and time. My
Onc. recommended chemo for me because my tumors were over 1 cen. He is
one of the network doctors at M.D.Anderson in Houston. He told me that
M.D.Anderson recommeded chemo for tumors over 1 cen. I was node negative
but because of the tumor size chemo was recommeded. My prayers are with
you.  God Bless

> Gwen Kouts wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Just a quick note to keep you informed.  It is late now and I need to
> try to work tomorrow. As some of you know, I had a lumpectomy on
> Friday.  The Dr. today said it is infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The
> size 2 x 2.5 x 2.5.  Because of the size only, he said we will call it
> a stage 2 or 3 for now.  He said the stage could change after the
> lymph node removal.
> So I guess I am going back in the hospital Friday, he insists on some
> lymph node removal.  He said he will stair case the removal, so as
> hopefully not to have to remove all of them.  I will definitely have
> to have radiation and possibly chemo.  Although, as much as I dread
> chemo, It seems that would be my best chance to make sure it is all
> gone.  Any thoughts?
> I am considering going to Columbus hospital for second opinion for
> treatment plans.
> Barb is the same. No better and no worse.
> Maybe soon there will be some good news to report.
> Hope everyone is well!
> Gwen Kouts
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