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[MOL] Kathy !

Kathy, how are you? I never manage to read your posts during the week
and are you still on line during the weekdays? We took a mini holiday to
keep an appt with work headquarters, visit relatives and gardens, and
see a skating show in Vancouver. If you have sent back the tapes, I have
not received them. I promised Cathy that I would get her Martha tape
back which had only hour SC tape on it and now I don't know who has it. 

We never see the little black cat who used to visit our lovebirds since
the big middle of the night fight with our Himalayan on the top of our
roof. What a commotion that was. Course I slept through it all. 

I just finished reading Anne Perry's book "Bedford Square"... I have
taken to reading the last part of books now but it doesn't make a
difference in her books as the motives are so complex.

Talk to you later, still catching up on MOL mail. Love, Jeanne
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