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RE: [MOL] Nanc

Title: RE: [MOL] Nanc

Morning, Nanc:  I tried cortisone shots years ago when I hurt my back.  They helped quite a bit.  Lo and behold, even though I had a herniated disc, it healed.  No back trouble anymore!  Get better soon.  Love, Kathy

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Hi Nisi,
Thanks for thinking of me when your problems are many more then mine.  I
think I'll try the casts and the cordisone shots, maybe my mood will be
better.  I'm always upbeat and happy go lucky, I just don't like me right
now.  I am going to tell the Doctor and see what he thinks.  Hope all is
going well for you and your family.
Love Ya,
Nanc ():-)

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<< Nanc,
        Sorry you're not feeling well.  I can imagine that your feeling
 "dumpy" because of the prolonged pain.  That in itself can make someone
 pretty cranky. However, it could be the sedative effect of the pain killers.
 I sure hope you start feeling better.  Thinking of you,
 Nisi >>
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