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Re: [MOL] Deb/Joicy/Liz/Christine; etc.

Deb, definitely get that second opinion concerning treatment options,
and go to one of the well-know cancer hospitals, like Fox-Chase, U. Penn
or Sloan-Kettering. At the same time, take hope in the fact that you
have the most treatable type, and as you will hear many times from this
group, only the good Lord knows how much time any of us have left! We
all have many stories to tell about people in our lives who beat the
odds (sometimes it's us!), and part of the secret is reducing stress in
your life.

Frankly, having a doc I trust is high priority for me. I didn't feel PMC
was a good "match" for me long before I had cancer, so all my docs are
up at Hunterdon Medical Ctr. in Flemington. (Now that may just be me --
I did chaplaincy work up at HMC, liked what I saw behind the scenes, and
had already picked my pcp up there before I was diagnosed. My mom taught
me to pick your hospital and docs "as if" long before something happens,
because it's too hard to change when you are ill).

Finally, remember that I am in the neighborhood, and so please let me
know if there is any way I can help, ok? Love, Joicy

deb grodin wrote:
> I live in East Windsor, howdy neighbor. I am being treated at Princeton
> Medical Center. I work in Lawrenceville, when I actually go into work.
> Basically working from home at the moment.
> Joicy wrote:
> >
> > Debby, so am I! I work at Princeton Seminary, and live over in Princeton
> > Jct. When I was diagnosed, I heard there were many women in this area
> > with breast cancer. Where are you being treated?
> >
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