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[MOL] Loss of Appetite

My husband also lost his appetite after having five unsuccessful
abdominal surgeries and then a course of radiation to his entire
abdomen(leiomyosarcoma of the abdomen).  We tried Marinol (a synthetic
form of marijuana that is obtained by prescription) without any effect
at all.  He continued to lose alot of weight before we connected with a
new oncologist who immediately put him on Megace.  By the second day he
began having the "munchies" and he is now eating full meals and three of
them a day.  He has not gained any weight but he is at least stopping
the rapid loss.  We hope to try hydrazine sulphate soon which we
understand is supposed to not only stop the weight loss but also cause
weight gain.  He has been drinking Essiac tea and taking Bovine
Cartilage to try to inhibit the growth of blood vessels which support
the growth of the tumor.  We feel like we are groping our way down a
long dark tunnel without much in the way of light being shed by the
doctors we have been seeing.  Thank God for this last doctor who
prescribed Megace.

I hope this will be of help to you, Wendy, in helping your Dad regain
his appetite.


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