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To Lisa and all the Molers,

How are you doing?  As if I need to ask... things are really turned upside
down sometimes aren't they?
Yes, it is very difficult to see our loved ones struck by the dragon.  My
sister, Barb, is being treated at Good Sam.  Lisa, Where is your Dad being
treated? I hope that you have brothers , sisters , other close friends and
family who can help lift his spirits.  It is a tremendous yet rewarding  job
being a caretaker.

As for my Sister, I think she needs a second opinion, things are really bad
with her. I guess we all need to keep praying. Her tumors are better, but
she is debilitated by the need for oxygen and her constant back pain, which
no one seems to know why the pain... yet not that many tests have been done.
It is hard to do the tests because she can't lay flat. Somehow, she is
hanging in there, I believe God is helping her to cope.

Well, friends, I just found out today that I have breast cancer, don't know
what stage yet.  Had a lumpectomy at Kettering Hospital today, the Dr. said
that it is malignant, just called it Ductal carcinoma for now. Said it is
aggressive, and I go to see him Monday at 3:30 pm for final results.  He
said we will need to make decisions this week.  If the outside tissue shows
anything, then I guess I am in for lots more stuff. I am putting off telling
my Sister.

I really don't understand how things go like they do, and yes I believe in
God, I am a Christian, I pray every day for my entire family, and the world.

My oldest daughter's husband deserted her and the three girls last November.
My husband and I have been their main lifeline, too.  My daughter doesn't
have a job, so all these things have to be put in order, plus to build her
and the girls life over again, too.

I also have another daughter, and she is doing well. Still, this daughter is
only 25 and still needs me once in a while.  My husband is doing well also.
Thank God.

I also have a demanding, yet satisfying job and am being considered for a
promotion this year.  (I hope this health issue with myself  doesn't
interfere with that)

So, I  feel so very needed right now, and I don't understand how come this
is coming on with my health. I guess that is where trust and faith come in.
Everything has a purpose, which we won't always know what that purpose is
right away. We have to seek out the purpose....

So you live in Dayton, too?  I actually live in West Milton, but definitely
close enough!  My Sister lives in Dayton.

Lisa, Good luck with your Dad.  I hope that his spirits lift. There are so
many survivors on this forum, and it is definitely inspirational and

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, our weather was fantastic today,
70's, clear skies, and sunny.

Your friend,

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Date: Thursday, April 29, 1999 10:30 PM
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>I just read the e-mail you submitted to the cancer forum.  My Dad was
>diagnosed with lung cancer four weeks ago.  Monday, he started his
>chemotherapy and has had four days of radiation.  Today, I took him to his
>radiation appointment and was so upset the whole way down.  He hasn't been
>able to hold any food down because of the chemotherapy.  He threw up going
>down and coming back home.  I would love to talk to you (conincidentally, I
>also live in Dayton OH).  I hope your sister in in good spirits.  At first,
>my Dad was really positive.  After just four days, I can only imagine what
>he's going through.  It's so unfair to have to watch our loved ones suffer
>much.  Drop me a line when you have time.  I know what it's like being busy
>with my Dad.

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