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Dear Friend:  It is fine to vent on this line and arms will still be held
open to give that cyber your in the right place.  There are a few
key points I wish to talk with you about; and feel free to do so as I am not
only a two time cancer survivor, I am also a breast cancer survivor.  You
will hear from others on this subject also.

1.  Depression:  First off, many doctors feel today that a patient after any
serious surgery, illness; etc. should go on an anti depressant.  So you have
been deprived of what is rightfully yours.  Depression is not conducive to
healing; so you will be amazed at how much better you will feel.  So
Sleepless Night in Seattle, get that taken care of.

3.  My mother always said you get more with honey than you do with
vinegar....stop and think of what my mother always said before you go
jumping on the boys.  Remember that this is their experience also, cancer
effects the whole family.

4. Any cream with aloe in it should help the rad careful of
infection now.  Speaking of that what are you taking to build your immune
system up?

5.  It is understandable with the history of your family that you have a
deep seeded fear of death..... most of us had that at one time or another;
but once you descried that you are going to live and live well, this fear
will demit, thetas a promise.

Now , I will leave time for some other molars to respond to your and welcome
to our wonderful group.  Join any conversation, ask any questions you would
like, learn, laugh and know this is your forum too.  Your friend, lillian
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