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Re: [MOL] Re: I'm home from the Doctor......Nanc

Hi John,
Good to hear from you, and you are right, I am very lucky and greatful, for 
many things, my Dod is still cancer free and my Mother is still with us, and 
this is just another hurdle that I will jump over.  This lupus is just 
playing havoc with my joints, mussels and bones lately.  I know I will win 
this fight and I will be back to walking in no time.  I sure hope all is 
going well for you these days.  Take care and keep me in your prayers, OK?
Love, Hugs & Prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 4/30/99 9:28:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Hey Nanc...guess you're supprised to hear from me!  I have been a bit
 occupied with work and home but have been reading all my mail and keeping
 up with all my friends.  I must say that, instead of complaining about
 the shoes, the meds, the cream and the cast, Kick up your fungified heals
 with joy that it is not the cancer that you were fearing in your message
 just three days ago!!! LOL  I am sorry you are going through this, but
 isn't it grand that it is just a good ole fungus instead of the cursed
 cancer?!  I know that when I had pneumonia earlier this year I was so
 relieved that it was not lung cancer and I really didn't mind all the
 antibiotics I had to take along with an inhailer.  So, my dear friend,
 just kick back and thank God that it is mearly a passing inconvience and
 will not stop you from playing in this wonderful game of life
 God Bless and you are always in my prayers.
 John >>
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