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[MOL] Chinese herb blocks division of cancer cells

More interesting stuff...love, Joicy

Chinese herb blocks division of cancer cells
    [04/29/99; Reuters News Service]

NEW YORK, Apr 28 (Reuters Health) -- For centuries, the Chinese
herbal medicine called Danggui Longhui Wan has been used in the
treatment of leukemia. In an article published this week in Nature
Cell Biology, European researchers report that they have discovered
that the active ingredient in the herbal remedy works by blocking
the proliferation of cancer cells. The team, led by Ralph Hoessel
of the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, note that Danggui
Longhui Wan includes 11 different herbal medicines. More than
30 years ago, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
identified the active ingredient in this complex mixture as Qing
Dai, a dark blue powder prepared from various plants and containing
a large amount of the blue dye indigo. The leukemia-fighting ingredient
was found to be indirubin, a red-colored relative of the indigo
blue dye.

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