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RE: [MOL] June/Sites for Folicular lymphoma-Lil

Joan and her husband should have been back last Monday.  I haven't heard
anything from them.  All is ok here.  My onc wanted a liver blood test and
CEA to compare to last time since nothing showed in the Bone Scan but
certain ribs hurt if you touch.  He said bone scans don't tell all so I will
keep you informed.  I should get the blood results today.  The tumor has
come down .3 cm.  I will say thank you in advance for Ron.  

Love June A.

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> *	June, glad to help you, how are things going at your end? When did
> you say that Joan and hubby would be back?  Have you any more results on
> the testing you had?  Let me know.  Good luck, your friend, lillian 
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