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[MOL] Hello all...

For those of you that are on mol that still remember me.. HELLO!!!  I have truly missed you all.  For those of you who are new.. I am a moler who was on for 15 months and needed to devote some time to other things and signed off almost 3 months ago and have surely missed my friends..  Unfortunately, I am still dealing through many of those issues..
I just wanted to send a blind post to tell you all hello and give you a hug.  It has been very lonely without you.  I am in the process of liquidating the store and 2/3's of it is empty.. I don't think I will make it with the rest tomorrow, but they will bear with me a couple of days over the deadline.  It is very hard to go through all of the "stuff" and let it go and of course I let the easiest stuff go first.  All that remains needs to be "dealt with".
I don't know how this much was collected..  I sent 105 boxes out yesterday, along with all of the furniture.
I have been working too much and doing more than I am able.  I was smart enough not to move any of the furniture, but just the repetitive motion of working so many hours each day, unpacking and packing is enough.  Except for today, I have been there from 9 until about 3:30 when I come home for a meal and a nap and then back at night until 10 or so.  This has been one difficult week.
After I finish the store, then I will be working on storage and then the house.  Seems like there is no end in sight for me for the next month.  I will however, return to my Wellness Community schedule for my overall well-being.
My regular schedule includes Guided Imagery, Healing Touch, Yoga, T'ai Chi, Cancer and spirtuality and my support group is called the Wellness Connection, which is for people who are 12 months out of treatment.  There are some additional things that I have taken as well and I have truly been blessed by this.
My 18 month tests are next Thursday, please keep a prayer and a good thought for me.  Test time still unravels me and this has been my tears week.  If tears weighed pounds, then I would most surely be much thinner!  LOL!
I have some unanswered email from some of you and I just wanted you to know that I am burning the candle at both ends, but I so love hearing from you and how you are doing.  You have a place in my heart and that will always be.  I don't know exactly what direction I am going in yet, but as things firm up I will let you all know.
I close now with a hug straight from my heart.  You are wonderfully dear to me and I keep you lifted up in my prayers and heart..  God Bless you and much love, Carla