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Re: [MOL] Hey Chris

I know what you mean in making other people look good.  I too get weary from 
this same thing.  I always wished I had green eyes or the real pretty blue 
ones.  Both my sisters have such pretty eyes.  My brothers eyes are so dark 
brown they look black!  I have brown eyes.  I think the baby's (Devin) eyes 
are going to turn green.  At times they look green and other times they look 

I am counting down the days until; I get to meet you.  My mother says she is 
coming with me in June. 

Sorry I have not been on line much but Devin has been so sick.  I have been 
having some severe pain in my neck (C6) vertabra.  The last few days I have 
hurt so bad I have actually cried myself to sleep.  Have pain pills but they 
are not even touching the pain.

I got new pictures of the boys and I am sending you one. I am still trying to 
get all the info on Gatlinburg also.  I have not forgotten you.  

I will catch up with you later I hope. 

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