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Re: [MOL] To Joicy & Marty

Chris, I don't see where an apology is necessary, sweetie -- you're just
getting a little of that "lively discussion," LOL! I would hope that we
are not all so fragile that we can't offer different perspectives on
things. I know that it is always helpful to me to hear different points
of view, and I don't have to agree to appreciate where someone else is
coming from. I think it's healthy, and I found the article very
interesting. I for one say keep 'em coming! Love, joicy

CCR0417@AOL.COM wrote:
> I am really sorry I posted the Rabbi's story now.  I had hoped to create some
> lively discussion on it, not to hurt anyone's feelings or open any wounds.  I
> promise I will be more careful in the future.
> -chris
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