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Re: [MOL] Hi Joicy/Frank

Frank, You mean the chat room? Would be happy to, but I can't seem to
get on right now! Are you there now? I'll keep trying. Or write me a
private email if you want. Love, Joicy

Frank Cromie wrote:
> I would love to talk to you on our private line about your words to Marty
> As a ordanied Minister and Evangelist,who has experienced four major attacks
> of cancer,and my miracles alone,I am still here.And you are right,living is
> way harder then dying.Love Frank
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> From: Joicy <>
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> Sent: Thursday, April 29, 1999 12:47 PM
> Subject: [MOL] Marty...
> > While I understand where you are coming from, can I just point out that
> > we are all strung a little different in terms of what is helpful or
> > allows us hope? Some folks, I know, don't want to be told, but I am one
> > that definitely DOES. In fact, my greatest conflicts with my onc have
> > been when he has sugar-coated (and even lied) to "protect me" (like
> > telling me during treatment that I was a stage I cancer when I knew damn
> > well I was a stage II (which he later told me by accident). It makes me
> > very angry and it makes me distrust them. It is a GIVEN that Drs. are
> > not God. It is a GIVEN that there are limits to what they know. I just
> > want to know what they know, and and hear it straight; knowing, for me,
> > is not the equivalent of losing hope. For me, it's empowering. I know
> > that statistics are just numbers, and I know who I belong to. And odds
> > are just something that challenges me to beat them! Maybe it's because I
> > am not afraid of death; it holds no power over me. It's the living that
> > is hard!
> >
> > I don't ask you to agree with me, just that you don't make
> > generalizations.  Marty, you wrote that "people of the cloth of faith,
> > whether they are psychological experts or not, do not have
> > hands on experience with debilitating conditions such as cancer and they
> > have not been touched by miracles, as we have." That just plain isn't
> > true or fair -- and I am saying that as "a person of the cloth"  AND one
> > touched by numerous miracles.  As you yourself say, Marty, we are all
> > different, and we all need to listen to that inner voice. I do not feel
> > the need to avoid information to have hope, because my hope is not in
> > the numbers or prognosis, but something greater.
> >
> > I hope I have not offended, but just felt I needed to articulate another
> > perspective.
> >
> > Love, Joicy
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