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[MOL] Marty...

While I understand where you are coming from, can I just point out that
we are all strung a little different in terms of what is helpful or
allows us hope? Some folks, I know, don't want to be told, but I am one
that definitely DOES. In fact, my greatest conflicts with my onc have
been when he has sugar-coated (and even lied) to "protect me" (like
telling me during treatment that I was a stage I cancer when I knew damn
well I was a stage II (which he later told me by accident). It makes me
very angry and it makes me distrust them. It is a GIVEN that Drs. are
not God. It is a GIVEN that there are limits to what they know. I just
want to know what they know, and and hear it straight; knowing, for me,
is not the equivalent of losing hope. For me, it's empowering. I know
that statistics are just numbers, and I know who I belong to. And odds
are just something that challenges me to beat them! Maybe it's because I
am not afraid of death; it holds no power over me. It's the living that
is hard!

I don't ask you to agree with me, just that you don't make
generalizations.  Marty, you wrote that "people of the cloth of faith,
whether they are psychological experts or not, do not have
hands on experience with debilitating conditions such as cancer and they
have not been touched by miracles, as we have." That just plain isn't
true or fair -- and I am saying that as "a person of the cloth"  AND one
touched by numerous miracles.  As you yourself say, Marty, we are all
different, and we all need to listen to that inner voice. I do not feel
the need to avoid information to have hope, because my hope is not in
the numbers or prognosis, but something greater.

I hope I have not offended, but just felt I needed to articulate another

Love, Joicy
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