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Here's something for all cat lovers to enjoy:

All I Need to Know About Coping with Pain I Learned from my Cat
(from a CFS publication)

1.	Live to sleep.
2.	Wake up for the things in life that you don't want to miss, like a 
bird outside the window.
3.	In the winter, find the warmest, softest and quietest place to nap, 
like the spot on the rug where the sun shines through.  In the summer, find 
the coolest place in the house where no one will bother you, like behind the 
4.	Concentrate every waking minute on what is important in life -- food, 
play and affection. Once you've addressed all three, go back to bed.
5.	Make sure you return the affection to others - lay on top of them for 
a while.
6.	Watch your diet, because if you stay inside all day you might gain 
weight and you need adequate nutrition Snack on flies and spiders.
7.	Depend on others to get what you need; they'll be happy to get food 
at the grocery store, take you to the doctor, and clean your litter box if 
they care about you.
8.	If you put your medication in the back of your throat, you have no 
choice but to swallow it. You might also try mixing it with food.
9.	When venturing out of the house, use a taxi.
10.	Play games to keep your mind sharp.
11.	When experiencing gastrointestinal distress, don't hesitate to 
throw-up on the rug.
12.	Use minimal effort to perform daily tasks -- lie down while you groom 
yourself, sit while you eat, and stand for as short a time as possible.
13.	If someone elects to give you a massage, don't stop them.
14.	Just say no. No, you don't want to play catch. No, you don't want to 
entertain company. No, they are not going to sit where you are lying.
15.	Know your limitations; don't climb a tree if you don't think you can 
make it back down again.
16.	There are things that others can do that you cannot and it's okay. 
What is the purpose in running after Frisbees anyway?
17. It is not easy for others tot ell when you are not feeling well -- after 
all, you don't look sick.  Sulk, lie around in unusual places, meow less, 
give a look like you are ready to die, and eventually they will catch on.
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