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RE: [MOL] I'm home from the Doctor......Nanc

Title: RE: [MOL] I'm home from the Doctor......Nanc

Dear Nanc (Mom):  I have a pair of Birkenstocks and they didn't cost $200.00!  Who is charging you that much?  That's ridiculous!  I think I paid between $75 and $80 for mine, and I thought that was plenty, considering they're uglier than dirt!  LOL  You should go someplace else, if you can.  You're taking a lot of Motrin (ibuprofen).  I hope the doctor warned you about eating before you take it; otherwise, the stuff will eat a hole in your tummy.  Vicodin is good stuff, although it makes me goofy.  It sure helps the pain, though.  Hang in there, hon.  I hope you don't have to wear a cast to bed.  Doesn't sound like much fun.  Take care -- Love, Kathy

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Subject: [MOL] I'm home from the Doctor......Nanc

Hi all,
I am having problems with my mussels in the back of my calfs and bottom of my
feet, had to get shoes for $200.00 that insurance doesn't pay for and cannot
go barefoot at all.  Have to take 2400mg moltrin everyday, vicodin for pain,
and boy do I hurt,  plus stuff for allergys, and the spot on my leg he said
is a fungus that he gave me cream for.  I might have to wear casts at night
too, and it will take at least 3 months to heal, and probably longer.  At
least there is light at the end of the tunnel, right?  It's time for me to
get it together and kick butt, right?  Let's all do it now.
Love ya bunches,
Nanc ():-)
Medical term is Plartas Fascirs, I think, his writing is hard to read.  The
Shoes I had to get are Birkenstock.
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