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Re: [MOL] kathy - (ewok)

Dear Frank,

YOu have logged onto Mol and are in touch with us. Glad to see that you
are back and would you pls confide in us and tell us about your
feelings. By the way are you in psychological therapy for your
depression and are you seeing a physician for depression as well? Just

Just know for each of the major concerns both in this country and abroad
there are many more stories about hope, survival, progress, inspiration.
For if we had none of this or less than what the negative aspects of
life provides, then we wouldn't be able to make progress or we would be
limited to progress and that is not the resolve of what Americans are
composed of, certainly you have inspired us at times and the positive
nature of your inspiration far exceeds what negativity surrounds you.
That is what I perceive, so if you can and if you will, look to the best
news in the media, newspapers, t.v. for these wars and children concerns
do resolve themselves, but the progress is remains with us. I don't mean
to diminish the concerns of the world, but we need to focus on the good
and progress as well in order to avoid depression for there is much hope
and good in people and the news. Just coming to Mol, which you are
doing, is providing that impetus for hope and less depression.

Just my opinion as we do care.

God Bless
marty auslander
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