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[MOL] Information ABout platelets

Good Morning All, 

Thought the following information may be of some benefit.

I have been reading a book called "The Zone" by Barry Sears, Ph.D. and
report more details after I have re-read it. For the moment, I'll
mention a
couple of points I found interesting:
        Sears maintains that the balance of protein to carbohydrates in
diets is responsible for the relative balance of insulin and glycogen
production and that an improper balance results in a number of bad
including weight gain and excess platelet production. He describes
messengers called ecosonoids (sp?) and outlines their function in heart
disease, high blood pressure and other illnesses. He details the
pathways, though I couldn't say whether he is accurate or not in his
descriptions. Sears also maintains that certain carbohydrates (breads
pastas, for example) are more likely than other carbohydrates (fruits
veggies) to cause an excess of insulin production, creating "bad"
He also maintains that aspirin does indeed have an effect on platelet
aggregation, but he states that excess use of aspirin can have negative
effects on the body by suppressing some good ecosonoids that affect the
immune system.
        I need to reread the book to master the material, and as I said,
don't have the expertise to know whether or not the concepts are hocum.
for those wanting to explore anything related to platelet functioning, I
thought this book might be interesting. There are only a few pages
to discussing platelets, but the remainder of the book is of interest to
people generally concerned with their health. I did see (and buy)
book last night written by two M.D.'s that appears to be following
research. So, if Sears is goofy, then he at least has company. 

God Bless
marty auslander
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