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Re: [MOL] kathy - (ewok)

frank...i am so sorry to hear about your troubles and depression.  i just got 
out of the hospital for mine, and i think they let me go to soon, but that's 
beside the point.

please don't lose hope and let yourself fall into a deep depression.  i know 
how easy it is, and how, in a weird way only people who have depression can 
understand, how comforting it seems to just let go, close the doors and curl 
up in a corner away from the world and responsibilities.  you have so much to 
deal with...i hope you have someone you can talk to.  (lately, i've been 
bothering my therapist at least 3 times a week and my psychiatrist twice a 
week....thank god we have great insurance!)  if you don't have someone to 
talk to, please feel free to write me....i'll do what i can, but it sounds 
like you could really use the help of a professional. i'm sorry if i'm prying 
too much into your private life, but i just want you to get better and have 
your feet on the ground. you have enough physical battles to fight...let 
someone help you with the rest.  love you -


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