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Re: [MOL] kathy - (ewok)

Title: RE: [MOL] kathy - (ewok)
Hi Kathy,I wrote a note to Nanc,but it came back unreadable.Well that is my luck lately.I have been in very serious condition lately.This war in Yugoslavia has brought back so many frightening images of Vietnam to me,that I spend most of the day locked in my office not wanting to leave.Then the school shootings has added to my problems.I am in deep deep depression.Then of course my continueous problems with cancer has added even more weight to my hurting emotions.I just wish this cancer in my remaining kidney and liver would get it over with.Its becoming much to hard for me to carry on.I am really tired of fighting and I just want to give up.
I plan to come back both to chat and e-mail soon.But I just wanted to let people know that I am in a very fragile state.I really need a lot of help to get my feet back on the ground.Could you please send me the address for mol chat.I cleared off my bookmarkers awhile ago.I would appericate it.Love Frank
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It's nice to have you back.  Please stick around.  Love, Kathy

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kathy - thanks so much for your help for francisco...and thanks for wishing
me well...anything you can do, even in the "mid-west" is great (lol) ....i
had almost forgotten how wonderful all you molers were....glad to be back.

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