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i didn't know if anyone else caught this or not - but there was this e-mail 
from the above screen name on my mail list and i almost didn't read it 
because it wasn't fronted by MOL and it didn't have anything in the subject 

this is a letter from a man in spain asking for help from all molers...he is 
asking about cancer treatment and information (second opinions) from major 
hospitals in the USA, but can't find a way to contact any of 
them....sloan-kettering and md anderson were two of the ones he was trying to 
reach.  please, if you still have his  e-mail, repond to him if you have any 
information.  if you deleted his e-mail, you can reach him at the e-mail i 
put in the subject line of this letter - his name is francisco, and he speaks 
english just fine.  he hasn't figured out how to get on the MOL list, so 
anyone with that information, would you please tell him how?  i appreciate 
it...and sorry i haven't been around lately - been gone for a long time.  i 
have bipolar disorder (manic depression) and it has caused a great deal of 
pain and suffering - often i have to go to hospitals with psych wards to get 
myself under control again.  sorry i had to leave...i missed all of you, and 
i've been catching up on all your mail - i'll write as soon as i can.  again, 
please help this guy if you can.

love all of you,
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