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hola francisco - el espanol habla esta bien...no hablo espanol muy bien...but 
i tried, anyway!

i know how frustrating it is to try and receive answers when you don't know 
who to contact.  i only know of one place that has a very informative and 
friendly responce staff, at that place is MD Anderson.  if you need any 
information,please contact the following person at the following e-mail  

(her name is pamela passo, by the way)

she was very helpful when i mailed question after question about finding a 
doctor who would prescribe a particularly difficult drug to find and use.  
please e-mail her with any questions...she usually responds within 2-3 
days...sometimes she is able to respond the next day even.  good luck with 
your search - i wish i could be more helpful, but this is all the information 
i have. buena suerta mi amigo, and know you will be in my thoughts.

dania davis

postscript: somehow you aren't listed on the MOL list...please go back and 
try again...i almost didn't answer your e-mail because it wasne't fronted by 
MOL and it had no subject line, but something told me to read it anyway.  
Please, go back and re-try the MOL thing again...i would love to have you as 
part of our group - you won't find a more caring and comforting and 
informative group anywahere else.  
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