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[MOL] Wanted to talk to my friends

Title: Wanted to talk to my friends

Hello, Everyone:  This is Kathy.  I just wanted to bring you up to date a little bit.  Everything is going along very smoothly here.  I still feel wonderful physically.  The divorce was final on Monday.  I didn't feel elated, by any means -- or let down, either.  I just knew it was the right thing to do, and that I must get on with life and live it the best way I can.  It's very pleasant living with my brother.  He's an excellent roommate -- better than most, actually, because he happens to be quite fond of me!  We get along very well.  All the animals are happy.  Reilly is, mind you, 6' 3" tall.  I caught him in the family room the other morning with little Button flat on her back.  He was blowing on her tummy!  LOL  I backed off so he couldn't see me.   A man must have some pride, you know!  I've been doing a lot of singing lately, and enjoying it so much.  I haven't done it for so long, but it's coming back to me.  I've been playing the keyboard a lot, and Reilly is getting a new one for himself.  We're going to really jam our brains out!  That sounds painful, doesn't it? 

I sent a copy of my other brother's CDs to our Greg in the mail this morning.  Sarah said she thought he'd enjoy them.  I hope so. 

I miss all of you.  I've been signing up during the day and signing off at night, so I can at least see some of the mail.  I don't want to be completely cut off.  I hate computer problems!  Hopefully, I can bug poor Vince again this weekend.  They go by so quickly -- it's almost impossible to get everything done!

I just learned that our beloved probate judge, Patricia Flanagan, has lung cancer.  She had surgery yesterday.  I don't know how she's doing or what her prognosis is, but I'm hoping for the best.  She's young -- about 47 -- and extremely capable.  I called her clerk and offered my assistance.  I think I'd better go get her a card -- right away.  Let's pray for her, all right?

Write to me, folks.  I want to know how everyone is. 

By the way, my hairdressser cut my hair and colored it for nothing.  I think I told you that.  He cut it again last Saturday, and marveled at how thick it is.  See?  There's a silver lining (if you'll excuse the expression) under almost every cloud.  Fortunately, my silver lining is pretty much invisible right now!  My love and best wishes to all of you.