[MOL] ooops....here's the poem that I meant to send! [02102] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] ooops....here's the poem that I meant to send!

>>  The greatest pain in life is not to die
>>  but to be ignored
>>  To lose the person u love so much
>>  to another who doesnt care at all
>>  To have someone u care about so much
>>  throw u a party...
>>  When your favorite person on earth
>>  neglects to invite u to his graduation
>>  To have people think that you dont care
>>  The greatest pain in life is not to die
>>  but to be forgotten
>>  To be left in the dust after anothers great achievement
>>  To never get a call from a friend
>>  just saying "hi"
>>  When u show someone your innermost thoughts
>>  and they laugh in your face
>>  For friends to always be
>>  too busy to consule u
>>  When u need someone to lift your spirits
>>  When it seems like the only person who cares about u
>>  is you...
>>  Life is full of pain
>>  but does it ever get better?
>>  Will people ever care about each other,
>>  and make time for those who are in need?
>>  Each of us has a part to play
>>  in this great show we call life
>>  Each of us has a duty to mankind
>>  to tell our friends we love them
>>  if you dont  care about your friends
>>  you will simply be ignored
>>  forgotten....
>>  later on in life
>>  as you have done to others.
>>  * This poem was written by a 15 year old girl who commited suicide three
>> years ago. Perhapes if the people surronding her had shown a little more
>> love, and had paid more attention to her, her death could have been
>> prevented. Remember that going through life u cant judge a sad, lonely,
>> suicidal person by their facial expression! You need to get to know each
>> person you come in contact with, cherish your friendship with them, and
>> then that u do care..especially to those that u love n care about *
>>  <<please forward this to everyone u care bout>>