[MOL] Because I Care About You (poem) and hello from Pam [02101] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Because I Care About You (poem) and hello from Pam

Hello everyone!  I am not signed on to MOL at the moment but have been forwarding a few bits of email here and there.  I made it back from my sheep lambing venture out in the sticks and started substitute teaching (3rd grade all last week).  I am on call every weekday now but it is extra income and gives me something to fill time.  We are busy landscaping and spring cleaning here too.  I will be pretty busy until about the 20th of May so will not sign back on to MOL until then.  I have to go to a wedding in TN along with everything else.  I hardly know what to do with the computer without all that mail - makes a person feel popular!  I sincerely hope that everything is going well for all you big-hearted molers and hope to talk to you soon!  Love, Pam in Wyoming J