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[MOL] I'm home from the eye Doctor....Nanc

Hi every one,
The Doctor was so sweet, my eyes are both just fine and he said that he hated 
to turn me loose because he said I was the best patient he has ever had that 
I always was so cheerful even in the operating room that he felt like he had 
been touched by an Angel, I told him that was because I was one on a cancer 
forum on the internet, but did he ever make me feel special.  I feel great, 
and very tired.  I go to my family Doctor Thursday morning, cause I am having 
some other major problems, I'm having trouble walking, and don't know why, 
also what looks like skin cancer on my leg below my knee, I just called him 
today and I have to go for lab work and other tests.
I'll keep you all updated.  Right now I am going to bed.  God Bless you all.  
Sorry I missed you all in the Chat room again...
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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