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Hi Molers,
Since Mary (from the other group) has not given her last name, I thought I'd 
forward her message to the Molers to see if anyone has any answers.  Maybe 
she would be interested in joining if one of our personable, learned and 
experienced people contacts her?????


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      Dx/d with nsclc in March.  Had surgery 4/7 here at MD Anderson.
Resection in upper left lobe plus removal of 11 lymph nodes.They thought
they'd caught it early but path report shows cancer in two nodes.  Found out
just yesterday that the only thing left is radiation.  I have severe COPD.
Since they tell me that radiation won't affect survival but will reduce my
lung function further, I'm leaning toward not going for radiation.
Thinking, instead, that continuing to eat well and take antioxidents may be
my best choice.  Worried about the loss of lung function as well as the
affects on my system from radiation.  It was a blow to find out I'm Stage
IIIA.  I'm an otherwise healthy and pretty physically fit 56 year old mother
of two and grandmother of three.  Work out on the treadmill daily and am
back up to 25 minutes some two weeks after surgery.

    Radiologist has scheduled me to talk to a medical oncologist to see if
there are any trials ongoing that might be appropriate.

    Anyone have any suggestions, thoughts? Tough time right now....


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From: Murray Burns <MBurns1668@aol.com>
Date: Monday, April 26, 1999 4:42 AM
Subject: [LUNG-ONC] Gene Therapy

>Is anyone familiar with gene therapy for the treatment of lung cancer,
>non-small cell, Stage III?  My brother-in-law is looking for info,
>particularly for MD Anderson.

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