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  I'm sending this to the list,because I feel that the e-mail that
inspired it deserves an answer.Unfortunately,every time I try to send it
to the originating address,I get the message "... sender unknown".
 God Bless all,

 Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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  Since 5 Feb,"96,I have had a massive heart attack,open heart surgery,a
tracheostomy,thirty-one failed operations to reopen the airway,dx'd with
stage IIIa nsclc the day after my father in law died in my home,had a
lobectomy and 4 back ribs removed,had two strokes,now have a small hole
in my lung and a drain tube hanging out of my back (same one that had
lobectomy),been flat lined 4 times,and had to file bankruptcy because
the doctors have refused  to allow me to go back to work since the heart
attack.After all of that,I stand by the words I've written on the
subject of humor.I refuse to crawl into a corner and cry about how
unfair life has treated me.I'm going to fight my way through this,and
I'm going to do it with a laugh on my lips,not a whine in my voice.
   I'm sorry you have cancer.I'm sorry you have an uncaring daughter,and
an unfeeling mother.I'm especially sorry about your job,I know how
degrading it is to not be able to work.But you've got to get beyond your
daughter,your mother,and your job,and concentrate on your cancer and
whatever tools to fight it you can find,or it will beat you.All of us
need to do this,or w've lost before we even begin.
   May God stand beside you,

 Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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