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[MOL] Zofran/help for Nausia

Hi Marty, I thought you might enjoy that site.

I want to tell you about a teacher (librarian) friend I have been subbing
for this spring who had a lumpectomy last fall and had to have chemo. She
told me today that she has had a terrible time but they finally gave her
medication that helped against the nausia. It is called Zofran. I know
little about chemo since I didn't have it, but I thought some of you might
find this information useful.

Let me tell you about this woman. They found that they didn't get all of
the cells so she has to have a second surgery. They have given her the
option of lumpectomy or mastectomy. She has elected to have a double
mastectomy. She is so afraid  of the cancer coming back that she wants to
rid herself of any chance of it reappearing.

It seems to me this is a very radical step to take and I wonder if she is
making a good decision. She is doing it to gain peace of mind, not because
it is medically necessary. To me it seems very extreme, and I really wonder
if it will supply the peace of mind she is seeking.


>Dear Liz,
>Thank you so much, friend, for the warm personal message. I am certain
>we all enjoy this as I have.
>God Bless

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