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[MOL] Shortness of breath after radiation

Title: RE: [MOL] Think about this while your drinking your beer. hehehe.....
Hi everyone!
Has anybody experienced difficulty EXHALING all the air from the lungs following radiation treatments?  Pop is having a real time with this & has to actually huff & puff to clear the Co2 from his lungs.  The onc. said it's atypical to his NSCLC radiation treatment; just the loss of elasticity from rad. poisoning.  We've set him up w/ a Family Dr. here & they got him a non-steroidal inhaler to try so he can get off the Prednisone.  Doesn't seem to help much.  His onc. from FL says he needs some steroids in it to get the desired results...(I think that's still better than the Pred. by mouth!)  Just wondering if anybody had the name of a good inhaler or drug to help him over this hump.  We've got stairs in our home & it takes it out of him just to get into the house! Not to mention him picking up his Grandkids!!!:-)
Much love,