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[MOL] I'd like to share a poem with all of you

Dear MOLers:

This is something that a friend of mine sent to my dad. I thought I'd share 
it with you.


Let Gratitude Be Your Attitude

Every day of your life is a gift from  God. Don't squander it. Don't waste 
it by being angry with anyone. Don't let it slip away by feeling sorry for 
yourself. Be grateful for this precious gift of life and spread it by being 
as happy and as thankful as you possibly can. Let your mind dwell on the 
good things which have happened to you. Let gratitude be your attitude. 
Think of your assets and don't let anyone else spoil your day for you. 
Enjoy every day of your life to the fullest. Realize that you can add to 
the joy of each day by making someone else happy.

The kind of prayer that helps you get into a peaceful, grateful, attitude 
might be something like this:

Heavenly Father, help me to be grateful for being alive right now. Help me 
to realize that no matter what my problems may be, where there is life, 
there is hope. Help me to think positively and to realize that thousands of 
miracles are happening every day. Help me to pray, and help me to remember 
the times when prayer brought me peace. Let me be a better listener and not 
be self-centered. Help me to realize that if I get my mind occupied by 
helping and cheering up other people I will be healthier than if I were 
always checking my own pulse. Help me to look for the good in everyone I 
meet. Let me realize that I cannot change anybody's way of thinking. Only 
by doing the best I can and setting a good example may I infuence someone 
to change their behavior. Help me to understand that other people have as 
much right to their opinions as I do mine. Let me love myself as I am. Make 
me ralize when I am not proud of myself, I am letting You, my Creator, 
down. I must be proud of the body you have given me and realize that You, 
my  Father, are with me always, to guide and comfort me. Let me accept the 
peace that You can bring, and help me to understand that You have a plan 
and purpose to everything that happens.


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