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[MOL] Back From Vacation

Hello Everyone,

Well, we made it back.  It was a great vacation and an exhausting
one.  We did it all!  Busch Gardens, Disney World, Air Boat Rides,
The Beach, Shopping and a LOT of driving!  LOL!  We celebrated 
my son A.J.'s 6th birthday while we were there.  The weather was
great, until we got to Lil's!  It stormed and was rainy the next
day.  We had a really nice visit, and her family is GREAT!!  We
felt right at home there.  Thanks again Lil,  your a sweetheart!
And Chuck, your a GREAT cook!  A.J. and Elizabeth say HI and
"Whatever" to you Payton!  Lil's kids and grandkids are the best!

Well, I ended up driving straight thru last night instead of
stopping.  I wasn't tired really.  It took me 13 hours, and now
I am starting to feel the exhaustion settling in.  A.J. and
Elizabeth woke up when we got home at 1:00 a.m. and stayed up
most of the night!  NOw they are sleeping like babies, and so
is Lynzi, and Emily.  In fact I think I might just do that too.
Go back to bed!  I hate the unpacking part. LOL.

It was a hard to come home last night to an empty house, and
see the essence of Angelo everywhere you look.  I so miss coming
home from somewhere just to rush into his arms.  I guess I should
begin packing away some of his things, although I don't feel I'm
really ready, and probably never will be.

It is rainy and cool here in Illinois.  We drove through rain
from Tennessee to home.  Boy, what a difference in the weather!

It's good to be home and back on line with all of you.  I missed
all of you and love you all,

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