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Re: [MOL] Fwd: long term survivors

DEar Chris,

This may be a very useful and positive site. I have experienced that
newly diagnosed or those with debilitating malignant conditions relate
better to those that are long time survivors and seek HOPE from the very
successes they have experienced. So, thank you for this site.

God Bless
marty auslander

CCR0417@AOL.COM wrote:
> Thought someone might be interested in this:
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject: long term survivors
> Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 11:12:18 -0700
> From: William Zame <>
> To:
> References: <>
> Chris,
> Here is the information you requested and you certainly give my email
> address to others who may be interested or hve questions. To subscribe
> to the Long term survivors listserv go to URL below and follow the
> instructions.
> Linda Zame
> wrote:
> >
> > I am the daughter of a cancer victim.  My Dad has nsclc squamous type.  I
> > posted here way back when he was first diagnosed.  I have since found a very
> > good internet support group: Medicine OnLine (MOL).  But I would also like to
> > pass on to them information on your group that someone there might need.
> > Would you please send me the web address?  Thank you.
> > Chris R.
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