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[MOL] It's all over now

Hi Mam!

Well, I put my foot down today.  My father has never said very much about
this cleaning lady to me; I guess he knows I don't want to hear about it.
What he does is tell my husband Tony, and then Tony tells me.

It is so strange, sometimes, when parents get older.  He wants his
independence, but has for a while, been standing on the cusp of needing to
be living somewhere he could get 24 hour care.  My husband and I watch, but
there's not too much we can do.  There's not too much he'll let anyone do.

When the cleaning lady thing started, I figured I'd see how it went.  My
dad's a bit of an artist, (sculpting, mostly), but he takes pictures and he
had a number of her.  She looked like a nice gal and I figured who am I to
try to interfere with my father getting a little pleasure and company.  He
has never been the same since my mother died in 1991, and you want to talk
about lonely and depressed--hoo baby!

But the last time my husband saw him, he was complaining about the cleaning
lady asking him for a lot of extra money.  So I got this lady's number and
introduced myself over the phone.   Giving way to the frankness of my
character, I simply said, "I understand that you are doing a lot more than
cleaning at my father's condo.  From now on, you are to clean with your
clothes on, not off.  And forget about the extra money.  There will be no
more of that either, just money for what you do which will be cleaning."
Then I hung up.

Jeff, my son, heard my conversation.  After, he kept laughing hysterical,
talking about how this woman goes around vacuuming at grandpa's house with
no clothes on.

The picking up stuff, on the way out of stores, is funny and sad, I suppose.
My husband has yelled at him about this.  There was one deli where he used
to do it a lot and one day, the owner came over to my husband and asked him
to please tell my dad to stop.  We have been very lucky that, that is all
the storeowner did, or the whole situation would quickly lose any humor
about it.  Last week, at a local nursery, Tony thought he might do something
so he just walked immediately out of the store.  Luckily, my dad did

Thanks for writing to Jeff.  I will show him your post tomorrow.  Lots of
love and hugs to you and everyone in your family.  Keep up the good work at
school.  GO GETTUM, TIGER;  I MEAN MOM...I mean  Mam.  Oh, ...you know.


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