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Re: [MOL] Hello Everyone!

Hi Sis (Lil),
We've had company two nights this week, two funerals, one 13 hour day with 
the seniors for a bus trip to two cosinos, one day playing cribage with the 
seniors, a business order, had my two youngest granddaughters over night last 
night. Washed walls and stained half the kitchen cupboards, Wow!  What a 
week, I wonder how I made it through it?  LOL  Tuesday I go to the eye 
Doctor, Wed. cribage, have to go do some engraving at the Jewelry store one 
day this week too.  My Sister gets home with the car we're buying late 
tomorrow night.  I'm so happy that you got to meet Mary, I will stop and meet 
her on our way to Texas either this year or next.  

Remember not to scan higher then 300 dpi for color prints and save them as 
jpg.  Have you checked the e-mail for the MOL album yet?

I don't know why but I am tired and am off to bed.  Talk to you tomorrow.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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