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[MOL] Hello Everyone!

Mary and her wonderful family left today.  The weather was wet and rainy and considering what a long drive she had. It was felt best to not do the trip straight through, to stop and spend the night somewhere half way home.  How very much we enjoyed Mary and what a neat family.  Mary with out a doubt is a warm, kind, loving person with an incredible inner strength.  This projects in her children, they are so fortunate to have her as a mother.  I am very confident that although life has been so very hard for all of them these past ten months, that they will make it and that God will shine upon them.  I have been blessed to meet one more wonderful Moler.  Please know that my server is having some difficulties, I can send mail; but I cannot receive mail; so I am in the dark as to molers happenings.  I am praying very hard for Dees father.  Yes, we took some pictures for the album Nancy!  Did you think I would forget?  I will try sending them tomorrow and hopefully they will be all right.  You know I am new at this.
My love to everyone, lillian