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Just a short 7 weeks ago we Launched Dynamic Wealth. Well it's been hectic. 
Dynamic has 
signed up people from 15 countries and we now number more than 600 associates. 
Now these 
are not your everyday run of the mill people. They are all committed to the success of 
business. All our associates are active with paid up purchases. Therefore our people 
are earning 
commissions. What is Dynamic Wealth?
3X3 Forced Matrix
Only $25 monthly PV
Huge 25% Commission on every sale.
No sponsoring required to be paid commissions.
Excellent Nutritional Products.
Our Program pays out 75% of Purchase as Commission.
Our first month we signed up 370 people and 256 received a check.
We will be sending over 400 checks for April.
For more information send e-mail to dynamic39@yahoo.com  or
Every Tues. & Thurs. 8pm eastern Conference call 1-607-251-1885
The best pay and fairest program anywhere. If you have a better program with better 
results than 
ours let me know.
James Tolnai
18 Bridget Dr.
Orillia, Ont. L3V 2M7
705 327-5677
FOD 512 404-1286
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