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[MOL] Mother Detained in House Cleaning Incident

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Mother Detained in House Cleaning Incident
BERKELEY, CA - Joanna Smith, a 43 year old mother of 2, was detained 
by police after her 12 year old son notified Child Protective 
Services (CPS) that she had threatened to punish him if he didn't 
clean his room. Maggie Moondust, a CPS spokesperson defended the 
decision to call police when she told BNN, "Parents need to realize 
that they just can't force their will on their children. Threats of 
consequential punishment for non-compliance is child abuse."

When asked what type of discipline CPS approved of, Moondust said, 
"We do not condone any form of discipline. Discipline is negative. It 
destroys self-esteem and tells children that being bigger makes it 
okay to force your will on someone smaller than you. Instead we have 
decided to intercede on behalf of any child whose parents do not 
utilize our pre-approved positve parenting techniques."

Moondust allowed our BNN correspondent to view the 376 page book on 
CPS approved parenting techniques. In the chapter entitled 'Chores' 
the book recommends taking your child to a local restaurant and 
explaining the positive benefits of a clean home. Then ask your child 
in a positive tone if he or she would like the privledge of 
participating in cleaning the house. According to the book, "Once a 
child is treated as an equal and allowed to see the reasoning behind 
parent's wishes for a clean home, he or she will gladly and willingly 
jump right in and help."

Joanna Smith was released 2 hours after being taken into custody due 
to a lack of physical evidence of abuse. Said Moondust, "It is 
tradgic that we were not able to bring charges against Joanna Smith. 
The current requirements for physical proof of abuse is an obvious 
weakness in the law. We are working with Democrats in the California 
State Senate to enact laws that would remove these requirements in 
child abuse cases that involve punishment for children who do not do 


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