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[MOL] Susan, Read this letter fast from Gwen W.

Susan I just opened my mail and saw you, and I had to set and cry for a 
while, I have missed you so. I've been in the Academy getting a degree in 
Criminal Technology, and just completed all for the Correction Officer. I 
have never had to take so many test. Every week since Aug. I have had to test 
on something. I got to spend two weeks at the jail in training, and this was 
the point of either breaking or making it, and I made it with flying colors. 
We did a lot of cell searches, and patting down the inmates when they left 
the area for us to search. The contraband items that we would find is 
unbelievable. Enough about me, Susan, how are you? I talked with Rich, and he 
told me that you were thinking of coming back to Mol, and I am so glad that 
you have. I wish that I could see you right now and give you a big hug. Now 
that I have wiped some more tears away. Girl Friend never leave again, and 
not let me be able to write to you. I kept trying you and Cindy for so long 
and then the Mail Demon came on, and started giving me his messages. We 
became pretty good friends(joke,joke). I still have had no word from Cindy, 
and it bothers me. Weren't we the threesome? Send me your E-mail address so 
that I won't have to get all mussy again over the Mol. I love you. Gwen
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