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[MOL] Prayers for Dee's Dad

Dearest Dee,
Please know that all of our prayers are with you & your family right now -
even those of us who don't regularly have input...
I can only speak from the experiences of some dear friends of mine when God
called their loved ones home.  I have been told that at the very end of the
pain & suffering, delirium & agony, their minds cleared and the pain
subsided and they completely recognized & acknowledged their loved ones.
They shared this brief time with happy recollections and expressions of
love - not sorrow.  It was as if God allowed them to have one last special
moment with their families unencumbered by the disease that had trapped
their physical bodies.  Four times I have been given this account as well as
from my mother, a Registered Nurse, and hope it is true for most.
God bless you & your family.
Much love,

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