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[MOL] Thoughts....

Hi Molers,
Have to share some thoughts with you after seeing my friend Sandy off 
yesterday for the last time.  She has begun a new journey and this one will 
not be fraught with any pain, fear, or fatigue....

At times like this I think of my grandmother, (like many immigrants to 
America, who left their homeland at such a young age).  She boarded a ship in 
Austria at the age of only 16 years.  She was never to see her parents and 
siblings again during her lifetime, but had no foreknowledge of that.  

She said her family in Austria cried as she left because they would miss her 
so. Her mother reminded her to keep warm.  Her father pointed out all the 
dangers to avoid.  Her siblings just cried and hugged her.  And of course, 
she was reminded to write at every opportunity.

Meanwhile other relatives (sponsors on the distant shores) eagerly awaited 
her arrival, counting the days in great anticipation till the ship carrying 
her to a "new" life would appear on the horizon.  She was greeted with more 
tears from people who had not seen her in such a long time!  She indeed had 
arrived to a new life in a new land, filled with adventure, hope, and even 
fear of the unknown !  

She married my grandfather, who also came here around the same time from 
Austria.  They raised 12 children together (which is why they could never 
afford the trip back home) and both died here in America.  Only after their 
*physical* deaths were they again reunited with those who had cried such 
great tears upon their departures to the New World.  And somehow I am sure 
those family members pinched her cheeks and said, "Oh, you are so grown up!  
We haven't seen you in soooo long!  You were only (this) high!"  And knowing 
our celebratory family (we need no excuse for that) there was probably a huge 

It is my greatest hope and my belief that when Sandy met her mother, 
grandmothers, aunts, uncles that she was greeted in the same manner.
Please excuse me this bit of mushy sentiment, but somehow it helps to share 
-chris r.

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