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[MOL] About Ovarian Cancer Screening

Ovarian Cancer Screening At Greater Than 1-Year Intervals
Unlikely To Detect Early-Stage Disease

PHILADELPHIA, APR 13 (Reuters Health) - Measuring blood levels of
the tumor marker CA-125 at intervals of greater than 1 year is
unlikely to detect early-stage ovarian cancer, Dr.  Steven J.
Skates of Massachusetts General Hospital reported here at the
90th annual meeting of the American Association of Cancer

May I add to that, that the lack of screening for Ovarian is a constant
concern for all healthy women. Yearly visits to the doctor with
gynecological symptoms or disorders, may indeed be the means by which
women can detect early in the stage. If women procrastinate in this
yearly examination or whenever there are early concerns, then that is
when indeed they are faced with serious conditions. This is just my
opinion, from experience in interviews with many women, as my wife had
early warnings and we procrastinated that yearly visit.

God Bless
marty auslander
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